The challenge will run until June 30th, and will take place in the Healthy Team app, where participants receive education and coaching on living a healthier lifestyle on the road.

May and June will be the perfect time for those looking to get healthy as the summer approaches, which typically brings along busy schedules, vacations, and food.

The team at Healthy Trucker says that participating will be easier than ever this round. “We are working to streamline the user process so that anyone can participate and be eligible for prizes, even if they don’t want to post their meals and workouts,” said Glenn Caldwell, VP of Sales at Healthy Trucker and NAL Insurance. He continued, “Just by signing up and then viewing the coach posts to get educated, individuals can still make incredible changes to their health, and accumulate points to climb the leaderboard.”

The most recent challenge which ran in January & February saw an average weight loss of 9.5 pounds per person among those looking to lose weight, and they are looking to do the same, or better, for the next round.

“With every challenge we run, we see our participants stepping up to the plate and exceeding our expectations,” said Andrea Morley, Nutritionist and Health Coach at Healthy Trucker. “We had a few participants lose roughly 20 pounds, and one driver is going to hit the 100 day mark of kicking his soda habit this week,” she added.

The challenge is open to anyone within the trucking industry, no matter what their goals may be. Andrea says, “Some of our participants join to lose weight, while others are looking to put on muscle or decrease the need for medications.” Others just want to connect with other drivers and people in the industry and share meal and exercise ideas on the road.


Duration: May 1st– June 30th, 2018

Where: Healthy Team app, available for Android and iPhone devices.

Who: Open to all fleets and allied trades.

To submit a team, email with your company logo and let them know what prizes you plan to give away during the challenge. If your company does not wish to submit a team, a public team will be made available for anyone to join.