1. Replace all soda, juice, energy and sports drinks, alcohol, etc with WATER!

This one might sound tough, but if you tend to sneak a soda, chocolate milk, or one of your kid’s juice boxes here and there, this challenge may be perfect for you! I won’t be too mean about it though… go ahead and have one coffee per day if you wish, and enjoy an unlimited amount of herbal tea, just skip the sugar!

2. No Bread or Pasta 

As the challenge continues, some of these mini challenges may seem a little more intense, but I know you can do it! Here’s the thing: bread and pasta are not necessarily unhealthy, but the truth is, they don’t contribute to good health either. For many, they are difficult to process and create substantial inflammation and bloating, and can aggravate health issues, arthritis, digestion, and more. If you know you rely on these foods too much, or you suspect they may be causing you issues, commit to cutting them out this week! Now, I’m not telling you to cut out all carbs, just bread and pasta! So go ahead and enjoy potatoes, rice, oatmeal, quinoa, or other sources of carbs this week.

3. Eat a “meatless” meal for dinner

Are you a meat and potatoes lover? Or tend to get stuck in the trap of thinking you “need” meat at every meal? Enjoying a meatless dinner once a week or more can be a great way to cut down on grocery expenses, eat more vegetables, and improve your health! I’m not encouraging you to become a vegetarian, just get creative and out of your comfort zone by enjoying a dish without meat. Don’t worry, there are plenty of recipes out there if you search “Meatless Monday,” on Google, like the ones here!

4. Go to bed 30 minutes earlier each night

Did you know that not sleeping enough can actually cause you to gain weight, or make it harder to lose weight? If you tend to procrastinate going to sleep by scrolling, watching TV, or puttering around the house, make this week the one where you prioritize sleep! Set your target bedtime for the week, and make sure you honour it! You may have to be a little more efficient during your evenings in order to get to bed on time, but that’s why these are called challenges!

5. Try a bodyweight strength workout twice this week

Sometimes, we can get so caught up in our workout routines that we assume we need a fancy gym, a spin class, or a full rack of weights to get fit.  Your own body is one of the best tools you have for working out, so simplify things this week by using it to build strength! You’ll understand your body and its abilities in a whole new way, and will still get an effective workout. Click here for a beginner bodyweight workout, click here for an upper body workout, or click here for a lower body workout, all with no equipment!