Congratulations to our top weight loss participant in the recent leg of the Healthy Fleet Challenge! John lost 22 pounds during the months of May & June.

John found that his weight was slowly creeping up on him, and having to buy new jeans in a bigger size was his wake up call. Knowing that his niece was getting married soon, he knew he’d be buying a new suit for the occasion, but refused to buy one in the size he was at.

He set a goal and made the commitment to himself to get active and eat better, and the timing was perfect, as he knew the Healthy Fleet Challenge was just about to begin. He says that the challenge was a great motivator and tool for him, thanks to the encouragement from other participants.

His strategy? No fried foods, loads of fruits and veggies, switching from pop to water, and at least 8000 steps per day. He’s found that while truck stops aren’t perfect, they are starting to offer many more healthy options than they did in the past, making it much easier for him to grab a sandwich or salad over a burger and fries.

John says his energy has increased and his sleep has improved, two critical components to the health and safety of a truck driver. He’s even picked up a new hobby and bought a bike to help him stay active, and is hitting the trails whenever he can.

We’re incredibly proud of John, and hope that his story helps to motivate other drivers looking to improve their health.

Want to get to work on your health & wellness goals? The next Healthy Fleet Challenge starts September 1st and all are welcome to join, so get ready!