Mini Challenges

Choose 1 or more of the following to complete during the third week of the challenge, October 15th-21st:

  • Have a healthy morning drink every day. Kickstart your digestion and gently help your liver detox with hot water and lemon, boost your nutrient intake with a fruit and veggie-filled smoothie, or have an organic herbal tea. Starting your morning on a healthy foot will help you set the pace for the rest of the day!
  • No fried foods! Simple, avoid them at all costs. This includes everything from chicken wings to pre-fried items such as frozen fries you pop in the oven at home to chips and donuts.
  • Do 3 minutes of meditation or deep breathing each day.  This one may sound a little out there, but if you try it, I promise you’ll be surprised how great you feel after. It’s only 0.2% of your day, so just go for it!
  • Try 2 yoga or mobility workouts. No matter how strong you are
    or how far you can run, you must work on your flexibility and mobility to prevent pain and injuries, and to improve your performance in your other workouts. Try one or the other, or both, for at least 20 minutes each time. YouTube is a great resource for both of these!

Don’t forget! You will continue with the mega challenge you chose in week one, but will add a mini challenge for week 3.