Mega Challenges

Choose one or more of the following to complete during the entire 31 day challenge:

  • Sober October: Do not drink alcohol for 31 days.
  • Daily Movement: Participate in some form of physical activity for at least 20 minutes every single day. This could be a full workout, leisurely walk, yoga, quick weight lifting session, stretching, a run, etc… just be sure to move! Listen to your body and be sure to take it easy when you’re tired, stretching and walking are great ways to recover.
  • No fast food: If you tend to rely on fast food but you know you have the chance to make your own food, this is the challenge for you!
  • No smoking: Been thinking about quitting? Surprise… today is the day! Don’t put too much thought into it, throw away your cigarettes and say goodbye for good. Need help? Click here.
  • No soda, energy drinks, or sports drinks: Simply put, these have no place in your diet. Ditch them for 31 days and focus on drinking water, herbal tea, fresh juice… I’ll even let you keep your coffee, for now!

These challenges may sound tough, but they are designed to push you out of your comfort zone, eliminate the unhealthy things you have been relying on, and show yourself what you are really capable of, all while drastically improving your health!

Mini Challenges

Choose 1 or more of the following to complete during the first week of the challenge, October 1st-7th:

  • Increase your water intake to at least 8 cups (64 ounces) per day. Keep a sticky note nearby to track throughout the day!
  • Choose an unhealthy food you’ve been indulging in far too regularly and cut it out for the week. For me, it’s potato chips… I’m in this with you!
  • Cut back on your portion sizes if you’ve been over-eating. Use salad plates at dinner, smaller containers for lunches, package up food at restaurants, etc.
  • Exercise outside 5x this week: The nice temperatures are fading quickly, take advantage of the weather now by doing your workouts outside for a nature boost!

You must pick at least one mega challenge for the month and one mini challenge for the first week, but you can choose to do more of each if you think you can complete them.