We’ve heard for years that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but we don’t hear enough is that it needs to be healthy in order to be beneficial.

That’s right, the greasy breakfast sandwich and sugar filled donut you may rely on just don’t cut it.

To get our day started right, we need an unprocessed, nutrient-filled meal that doesn’t force our bodies to kick into high gear trying to process all of the junk. A healthy breakfast will keep you full, keep junk food cravings away throughout the day, and will provide you with long-lasting energy and focus.

But when you’re in the truck gearing up for a long day of driving, a healthy breakfast doesn’t always seems like a possibility… Unless, of course, you’re prepared. Making a healthy breakfast in the truck every day may sound a little daunting, but I promise you that after a short time you’ll not only find it easy, but also delicious and budget-friendly.

Here are my top recommendations that have been trucker-tested and approved:

  • Oatmeal, but not the packaged kind! Stock up on a bag of plain oats for a couple bucks, and cook with hot water, milk, or dairy-free milk. Add walnuts, berries, coconut flakes, or even some dark chocolate chips, but skip the sugar!
  • Smoothies pack a tonne of nutrition into one drink. Start with fruit, spinach, and a protein powder. From there you can get creative by adding avocado, chia or flax seeds, or whatever else you have on hand. You can get a single-serve blender for under $20 at Walmart, perfect for life on the road.
  • Energy bars, homemade of course, are great for those who like to prep some food at home before heading out for the week. Whip up a batch and keep them in the fridge/cooler for the fastest on the go breakfast you can find. There are hundreds of recipes online, so do a quick search and see what looks good to you. Most combine raw oats, peanut butter, nuts, cocoa powder, and maybe a little dried fruit for sweetness.
  • Eggs… Scrambled, fried, boiled…anything goes! If you’re feeling fancy, whip up an omelette with any veggies or meat you have. Don’t want to cook them in the truck? Make little egg muffins by baking them in a muffin tray with veggies and cheese, and take them on the road for a super easy breakfast you can eat cold or pop in the microwave.
  • Fruit is a great backup if you don’t have the time or energy to prepare something, so try and keep a couple of pieces of fruit handy for a quick breakfast. It won’t keep you full for long, so if you can, pair it with some Greek yogurt or peanut butter for a little more substance.

It may seem like a tough habit to get into, but once you start preparing your own breakfast and enjoying the benefits, you’ll never go back!