Are you resting and recovering enough?

As we head into the holiday season and many people's schedules start to fill up again, we are going to discuss an important topic: rest. Now it's important to recognize that rest does not just mean sleep or lounging on the couch, but rather all of the time you spend relaxing, taking breaks from work/chores/strenuous [...]

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Improve your Health this Summer

We finally made it through arguably one of the most difficult winters we have ever faced in our lifetimes, which included the usual difficulties of cold weather and poor road conditions, compounded with COVID-19 and the related restrictions and lockdowns. While the pandemic may still be ongoing, the warm weather is affording us the chance [...]

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Healthy Fleet Challenge: Assessing your Lifestyle

Everyone should be assessing their health, diet, and overall lifestyle on a somewhat regular basis, with the start of a lifestyle change being the perfect time to do so. Even if someone is not looking to become healthier, it is wise to have a good understanding of their own habits. Now, assessing your diet & [...]

Stress Management & Self-Care

This challenge has been primarily focused on improving your diet and exercise habits, with a sprinkling of stress management techniques throughout. This week, I want to focus on that topic more thoroughly, so that you can transition back into your everyday lifestyle with better stress management and self-care techniques, in order to maintain both your [...]

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Improving Sleep on the Road

We’re always told that we need 8 hours of sleep, but that’s easier said than done! Plus, if we’re not getting good quality sleep, it doesn’t matter how long we’re down for, we won’t be properly rested for the next day. Think about it – sleep is how your body recovers and heals itself each [...]

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