ATN: What’s the healthiest breakfast for a driver?

Q: What's the healthiest breakfast for a driver? A: Well, that's going to depend on the driver's schedule and location, as well as what food is available in restaurants, truck stops, or on the road! This is the reason we don't provide set meal plans, but rather meal and snack suggestions, to cover a variety [...]

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ATN: Are plant-based meat products healthy?

Ask the Nutritionist: Are vegan meat products, such as Beyond Meat burgers, healthy? Q: This is such an important topic. By now, I'm sure you've seen them at fast food restaurants and grocery stores, where entire freezers are dedicated to meatless "meat" products. Veggie Burger, image from Nora Cooks Now, not all of [...]

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ATN: Protein Powder

Q: What's an easy to digest, high quality protein powder that you would recommend? I haven't discussed protein powders in quite a while, as there is a lot of controversy over many of them and their risks vs. rewards. If you eat a balanced diet and live a moderately active lifestyle, protein supplementation likely isn't [...]

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