How do I sign up as a participant?

Anyone can sign up and participate by downloading the app from the App Store or Google Play.

How do I set up a team for my company?
To set up a team for you company please email a high resolution copy of your logo (square format preferrable), company name and contact information to info@healthyteam.com. Your first 60 days of the challenge are free!
How do I join my company team?

You can join your company team two ways…

When you are creating an account in the app you will be able to select your company team from a drop down menu
If you didn’t add your company during the account creation process, you can always go to your profile setting page in the menu and tap on the Company Name Field to add your company.

What is my company isn’t listed?

If you company isn’t listed, please do the following…

Input the name of company in the create account process or in your profile setting page
We will contact them to get approval to set up a Company Team

How long does the challenge last?

The challenge can last however long you want it too. Most challenges run for 30 to 60 days but many participants continue using the app beyond 60 days to encourage them to stick with their healthy lifestyle.
How are points on the leaderboard calculated?

Here’s a point breakdown…


Meals Posts = 1 point (max 4 points per day) or 2 points with a picture (max 8 points per day)
Exercise Posts = 2 point (max 2 per day) or 4 points with a picture (max 4 points per day)
Comments = 1 point (max 5 points per day)


Weigh In – 10 points for each weekly weight post (max 10 points per week)
Tag Someone – 5 points for each person tagged (max 25 points per week)


Following – 1 point for each person you’re following (max 25 points)
Followers – 1 point for each follower (max 25 points)