Welcome To Healthy Team

In May 2017, the first official Healthy Team Corporate Challenge using a mobile app.  The mobile app created an amazing platform for our participants, companies and our community to share their healthy lifestyles.  We had one major finding… Sharing Diet and Exercise is Socially Contagious! Participants started to eat healthier and exercise more when they could see what their coworkers and friends were doing.

Healthy Team was founded in 2014 by NAL Insurance, a disability insurer in the trucking industry,  in 2014.  NAL Insurance was experiencing an increase in claims cost and didn’t want to keep passing this onto their clients.  So NAL built the Healthy Team App and Corporate Challenge as a way to help their 8,000 trucking company client stay healthy and lower their costs of group benefits.

The Healthy Team Challenge resulted in clients losing weight, reducing ongoing medical expenses, increase productivity and more.  Insurance premiums for clients started to stabilise because there were not only less injury and illness claims but they were also off for shorter amounts of time.  The results of investing in the health of there clients had a huge impact on their time off and productivity.

Coming in September, we will be launch our first Healthy Team Corporate Challenge available to all companies and industries.  We invite your company and staff to try out the challenge free for 60 days.  Once you see the change in your staff you will never want it to end.

Who Is Healthy Team

Our Mission

To make Health Wellness fun for employees.

Our Philosophy

A Healthy Lifestyle is Socially Contagious*. If you share healthy meals and workouts with your coworkers and friends, you will motivate others to eat healthier and workout more. *Study by MIT.

Our mobile app is available for iPhone and Android users.  We also use our public website to showcase the healthiest employers and employees.

We love to listen and gather feedback.  Almost all of our new features are built from suggestions from our users.

Our Participant Results

Employees Feeling Better 81%
Lost Weight 74%
Have More Energy 64%
Feel More Productive 63%